Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two for Me, One for Sally

One of the items I bought at the recent LLK sale was a book called One Skein. It's a great book! There are 30 projects in the book and most do seem like quick knits. For example, a knitting friend of mine had a birthday coming up and I wanted to knit her something special (and quick). The book had a lot to offer - I finally deceided on the Felted Bowls. I always wanted to try some and knew I had some Lopi in my stash to pick from. These bowls were a really quick knit and fun. Will do again for sure!

I ended up making three and here are the bowls before felting,

and here they are after. (tried to get the same angle…)

For Sally's I filled it with some Lavender scented potpourri.

Happy Birthday Sally!


knitserland said...

Cute bowls and such a nice gift.


Mandy said...

The bowls are adorable. I've been really interested in that One Skein book - sounds good!

And as far as switching my blog, it was mostly just a personal choice. I need as user friendly as you get.

Terry said...

Such a gorgeous present ... I got to spend the day with it at the shop before Sally took it home. Now I've got to make one for my spring potpouri!