Monday, June 23, 2008

Doll Face

I have some fabric cut and waiting to be made into more sweet Black Apple Dolls and I wanted to try a more detailed face then last time so I thought I better try doing the face art first rather than last so I don't screw up a finished doll.

Good thing I did because I keep trying and trying to get a cute face but I couldn't get one that I liked and keep screwing them up - wish there was a way to erase paint, or better yet an 'undo' button!

Painting faces are hard! (for me anyway) After trying for a few hours I have even more appreciation for her work. She is gooooood!


TLC said...

Yours look great! I don't think I could do that well.

momoftwinz said...

Well...your's look way better than mine would have turned out! I like the green-eyed girl!

Oiyi said...

Woah, your faces look fantastic.

Aleta said...

Hi - I was just searching to find some ideas for faces for my doll and I came across your blog. Nice blog! Nice faces! I just messed up a face that I was making on a doll and I thought OMG what am I going to do??, and THEN I realized that I had put the face on the wrong side of the head! So all I need to do is stitch the hair over the bad face and try again on the good side!! Sometimes bad mistakes pay off!