Friday, July 25, 2008

Dream To Work With

Just finished a postcard and ad for Dreamweaver Yarns. What great people to work with and check out all the sweet products, yarn and patterns they sell on their site. Great stuff!
I met the Dreamweaver girls through the Fiber Buzz ads that I design. What a great way to meet and work with sooo many talented fiber companies. I really enjoy doing these ads and I have much love for Jennifer Hansen of  Stitch Diva for being the creative guru behind the Fiber Buzz concept. It is so awesome to work with her! If you are an owner of a small fiber related business and want to be a part of one of these ads visit here and email Jennifer.

Getting these freelance jobs done reminds me, I really need to get back into my site and start updating more. I let the ball drop since the last time I updated! - but seriously, who wants to do that kind of thing when there is knitting and sewing to be done  ;)


StarSpry said...

Cool postcard!

Oiyi said...

The postcard looks great.