Friday, September 24, 2010

Shop Hop

I almost don't want to post these photos because they are so blurry - the only good one is the one I grabbed from E Knits (thanks, Erica!). I guess that's what I get for forgetting my camera and having to shoot from my cell phone. Oh well, I'm posting anyway because I want to share the awesome time I had at the Lansing Shop Hop yesterday.

I made the trip down to meet up with my knitty friends Erica (of E Knits) and Melynda (of French Press Knits). We had a blast!

(Here's Melynda with the beautiful cowl set she designed especially for the Hop - more on this super cute pattern HERE)

Our first stop was Woven Art. It was my first time to the shop and I LOVED IT! Here I bought enough yarn for an Origami Pullover. I got a beautiful shade of green.

(photo courtesy of E Knits)

Next was Rae's Yarn Boutique. Erica picked out a super cute black and pink little bag for me. It matches the Knitterella tote that I like to carry around with me when I do knitty type things. There are little skulls mixed in the flower motif - too cute! The girls also had some fun with these gigantic needles.

The third stop was The Yarn Garden. This shop is so adorable and so is the staff. Would have loved to have been able to stay longer to sit and knit with those ladies. I bought two cute little project bags there.

Last but not least was Threadbear. We chatted with Rob, the owner - he's always a riot! Below is a photo of all my goodies.

It was a quick day but a fun one for sure. I always have a great time with the girls. We are already talking about doing a lil' shop hop of our own in the Detroit area next. Do you have a favorite place to knit at around the 'Big D'? Do tell!


Renee said...

Friends and I do a shop hop around Thanksgiving and go out for lunch.
My favourite place to knit is on the deck in the fall. Those very few perfect weather days when the heat has broken before it gets too chilly. Not many knitting shops are near by my place.

Cinnamonamon said...

This sounds so great! I've thought about putting together a day of shop-hopping around our Midland area -- there are a lot of small shoppes in a 30 mile radius... :) Thanks for the Yarn Garden link -- I didn't know about that shop! And your friend Melynda's cowl is beautiful!

Princess of Patterns said...

I'm in love with those bags - do you remember where you got them and if they are for sale?

Kate said...

*jealous* what a fun way to spend a day!