Saturday, December 4, 2010

NNK Knitterella Giveaway

I know my posts have been full of giveaways lately but I'm sure you don't mind! Just had to talk more about NNK's giveaway. Not only does the winner get an assortment of Knitterella Gift Tags but they'll is also get an autographed copy of New England Knits! Worth mentioning don't you think? Go ENTER!

You also must listen to her podcast. It's a great one. She talks about knit-giving horror stories. When I heard about her horrid 'hat' story my jaw dropped, it was tragic. Melissa LaBarre, designer and blogger of Knitting School Dropout, also shares a story.

So pour yourself some hot cocoa, grab your needles and tune into her podcast HERE. Enjoy and good luck!

Photos courtesy of: Never Not Knitting

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