Thursday, April 14, 2011

Logo: KnitQuest

Although I might not have been up to a lot of knitting lately I'm definitely keeping busy with design work. That is always a good thing! Recently I had the pleasure of working with Samantha Roshak of KnitQuest. She came to me with a request to do a logo for her and the finish design is posted below. This is a really unique logo and I think it fits her perfectly! It's always a joy when the final result is just want the client wanted.

If you aren't already familiar with Sam's design work, be sure to check out her Ravelry page of all her designs HERE!


If you are looking for some graphic design work please check out my online portfolio at Doing design work for fellow knitters and crafters is my specialty. Feel free to contact me for rates and availability at


Anonymous said...

I love the knit stitches in the shield! Nice work!

StarSpry said...

Very cool logo!