Friday, February 24, 2012

LOGO: Cakewalk Yarns

I've been busy, busy with design work for Jill Zielinski Designs and Knitterella. I couldn't be more happier about that and I couldn't be more pleased with this new logo design that I recently finished for Cakewalk Yarns.

When Rose from Cakewalk Yarns contacted me and told me she was looking for a "face lift" to her existing logo I was happy to take on the design challenge. She told me that her yarn is kind of "alternative" and she was hoping for a logo that gave that impression but at the same time is not be completely off-putting to the mainstream.

Here was her logo before:

And here is her logo after:

I'd say that we were successful in designing a new logo that is a bit edgy/punk/roller derby/retro, but not too much that is scares people away. I'm quite pleased with the new, fun look and I'm very happy to say that Rose is too!

Hand-dyed in Michigan - YAY for fellow Michiganders! - her yarn is not the same old, same old. She sent me a skein and I'm looking forward to making something with it - I'm thinking hat! Anyway, be sure to check out Rose's beautiful, hand-dyed yarn at here shop HERE.


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Oiyi said...

I love the new logo!!

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I love the new logo - I've been watching her shop for a while now, she has some really great stuff!