Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TNNA 2012 Photobook

What a wonderful and inspiring time I had at TNNA last June in Columbus, Ohio. This year my wholesale distributor, Deep South Fibers, invited their designers to come and have their own half booth space. It was my first time having a booth and I had a BLAST! Below are some photos of the event…

(My own Knitterella booth - not too bad for a first time exhibitor.)

(Free buttons!)

(Sample knits and promo cards for my newest pattern - Mojavé)

(I had a tshirt made for the event - I really like how it turned out, maybe I should add some to my shop?)

(Kate was the best booth-mate.)

(She was super-mom running her busy booth and taking care of her precious 8 week old baby at the same time! Oliver was so good. He made the cutest hat model too.)

(My girl FPK.)

(It was so cool to have the talented Gudrun in the booth next to me. I'm an admirer her work so it was extra cool to meet her.)

(My friend Erica and my new friend Anne came to my booth. These girls are so fun - isn't Erica's custom maternity tee too cute?!)

(My new friend Hilary. Such a sweet girl.)

(FPK and I in Tiny Owl Knits booth. I love her magical designs and did you know she can sing? I mean REALLY sing - check her out - Amazing!)

(I was bummed that my friend Carrie wasn't there this year but her Fiar sample knit was - I've got to make one of these!)

(Here I am with my friend Sarah, from Ravelry - I always love seeing her.)

(Meeting Vickie Howell was awesome. I'm a longtime fan and being that I just finished the logo for her new charity initiative, The Purple Stitch Project, meeting her in person was extra special.)

(The long days always came to an end at the Hyatt lounge where every gathered to knit. SO many laughs there. Here I am with FPK, Brandy, Anne and Allegra - love these girls and miss them tons!)

What a fun time I had. I'm already excited thinking about next year's show!


Kelly said...

Great photo's! I'm headed to Stitches this year! super excited, maybe TNNA next year.

Jane Richmond said...

Such great pictures Jill! I love these recaps :) I scour the net for them when TNNA has passed, lol! You're pics are some of the best!

French Press Knits said...

Great recap- thought I was the last one to post... makes me feel a little better knowing you did yours after mine. But then again... I haven't moved since TNNA!

Looking forward to next year already!