Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep On Castin' On

These days I'm casting on for way more then I can knit! I've really got the knitting bug because that's all I want to do! The only problem is I don't have much free knitting time to do it.

Still, this still hasn't stopped me from adding to my ever growing knitting list, and boy do I keep adding! Check out the goodies I just got in the mail…

Everything in Saturday Treat by Ysolda Teague is totally scrumptious! 

And Marin , Veronika and the Oshima Pullover — what's not to love?!

In addition to these have you seen Parapluie from Hilary Smith Callis? Totally want to knit that! I also need to knit LZ and WZ new sweaters. LZ is almost one so a new knitted sweater for his photoshoot is a must. Oh so much to knit so little time!

And did I tell you that I've got a Plucky kit for Fiar by Irish Girlie Knits and Color Affection? Holy moly, I'm in total knit list overload!

As we speak my needles are clicking away on 2 new pattern designs that that I'm really excited about but when I can get the chance to sneak in some more 'me' knitting time it will totally be time well spent. 


Maryse said...

This is crazy ;-) All sounds awesome! Have fun!

Hilary said...

Thanks so much again for the Parapluie love!! :) And I'm really excited to see what designs you're cooking up!