Monday, August 6, 2012

Cloudy With A Chance

Despite the lack of actual knitting related posts around here, there has been knitting going on. I'm actually working on a couple new patterns that I'm excited about plus I'm working on some selfish "Me Knits" — and it's about time, right?!

The hat in progress here is called Rubbish Mojitos by the talented Woolly Wormhead. The hat is very cool and the yarn I'm using is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Original Socks that Rock. Yay for awesome stash yarn!

The hat is turning out great and I love the color just as much as I love the name of the colorway. It's called "Cloudy with a Chance" and it's just perfect. Stay turned for FO photos soon!


Kelly said...

That's really pretty, I love the color!

Maryse said...

Interesting colorway indeed! It surely makes a beautiful picture!