Monday, May 7, 2007


I get so excited when my favorite knitting magazine arrives in the mail. Interweave Knits is just great! They also have a great website with additional beauty shots and free patterns.
I have my eye on this……see there is some Debbie Bliss, Pure Silk at LLK that's on sale and I've been itching to get it on my needles. I wonder if the gauge would work? I sure don't want to end up with another disaster, but gosh, wouldn't the silk drape just beautifully. Now I just have to figure out how it's acutally worn?

And look, what's this on page 28?

Come on, look closer…
Yup, Knitterella product! Yippee!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill, I'm lost in all this "knitting-speak" but wanted you to know I checked out your blogs. Interesting stuff - that top looks very cool. You are so talented - Stac

Anonymous said...

You have let us know what your going to do about the tank top.
Do you need help spending your $$$ and picking out yarn? Happy to help.Hope this work like you said!!

susan b anderson said...

I missed your basket in IK! Yahoo! That's great.