Friday, June 15, 2007

"Butterfly" Part 1

I came across Knitscene at my LYS about a month or so back and I'm already looking forward to the fall issue coming out end of June.There are a lot of projects in the spring issue that I love. To start, I've got "Butterfly" on my needles as we speak. This is my first time working with Bamboo. I'm using Twizé, 100% Bamboo, colorway is called Twown. I like it. The drape is very nice and I think that is what will make or break this project - and of course the finishing work… the instructions ask for some details that I'm a little nervous about. For example, the finishing involves using things like pleats and sewing in elastic to gather the back. I've never done this with knitting before. Hope it turns out! I'll show you when I'm done.


Sheknits said...

I just wanted to say I think your cards are wonderful- the graphics are great and the theme cant be beat. I am really and truly suprised you don't sell more. Don't know if you are at all interested but you might want to consider this promo. opp. of donating something for this:

If not no prolem, I want to mention you on my knitting podcast anyway becasue of your unique note cards if that is ok with you. If it is ok would you like me to mention your Etsy shop or your regular website?


Jill said...

Sharon, thank you for the very nice email. I would like to contact you to talk more about this.

The contest sounds fun and I would love to donate!

Could you email me at

And yes, you and anyone is welcome to mention my sites - and if you let me know about it I will return the favor. Thank you!

Juls said...

I love this pattern in the mag, but am too nervous to attempt the sewing. Your yarn choice is great!