Monday, June 18, 2007

Goodie Bag!

My mom just got back from a week long trip to New York with 3 of her sisters. It was the first time being there for 3 out of the 4 and they had a blast and had so many funny stories to share! It's good to have my mom back to Bay City though! And to boot - check out the goodie bag she brought me full of wonderful things!I got all excited when I saw this gift bag, do you recognize the logo? I sure did and I've never even been there before. I've seen the String logo in magazine ads and have been to their website. They sure have a great logo, I wonder if they sell shirts?It was so nice of my mom to make a special trip to a yarn shop for me. Just the thought alone is so nice and then she even picked me up this cool book. I've dabbled in socks just a little but have anyways wanted to do more so this book is great and will be very handy.

These socks from MacKenzie Childs are fun!

This hand-painted wine cork from MOMA will be very handy! :)And this little guy,I already have him outside in one of my planters. Isn't he cute? Makes me smile just looking at him :)



toya said...

Hey Jill
thanks for checking out our podcast!

randi K design said...

Love all the colors here!!
No, I had a Etsy store, but didn`t sell a thing.. Probably priced to high... well, well, I woun`t knit for free either.. Oh, and I am a Graphic Designer too... I loved your little cards!
Take care,