Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Garden Is In!

Since we are a couple weeks later then we like we missed out on some of the vegetables we typically use. So this year we will have summer squash and brussel sprouts instead of zucchini and cucumbers. I've never grown brussel sprouts, have you?We also planted tomatoes, a variety of peppers, plus basil (my fav!), cilantro and parsley - we've got chives and onions are in there too.Look at this little guy already sprouting out! Oh, and see the long boards up against the fence in back? - up in the second photo - I want to make some planters out of those. I also plan to start planting perennials along the fence in back as well - you can see in the third photo that it heads off to the right and nothing is planted in there. I'd really like to have perennials for cutting - any suggestions on what types are good?

Anyways, as usual I have a lot of ideas, I just need to follow through with them!


Felicia said...

It looks terrific! I miss not having a garden this year. But I'm sitting out this first year at the new house until I see what pops up in the yard :)

Mandy said...

I have cucumbers and zucchini for the first time. My zucchini sort of took over - I didn't realize it would grow so large!

Your garden is quite large. Very nice space!!!

Annie said...

I'm having fun perusing your archives and I just LOVE this garden with the picket fence and red barn. OOOO I'm so jealous. It reminds me of this darling hobby farm I read here http://www.ourhobbyfarm.com/index_files/Our_Garden.html
I want to start one of these "square gardens". If you plant this spring share pictures of your garden!! Would love to see.
Are you itching for spring like I am???