Monday, June 11, 2007

Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet

Anthropologie is my favorite store and when I stumbled upon this Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet I had to knit it!The pattern is free and easy and it's from the blog Peony Knits. There is also another pattern on there called the Circular Shrug - I think I'll try that one too because it's designed after a piece from another favorite store, Urban Outfitters.

This knit was so fun, easy and fast (only about 6 hrs) and I must say, so cute and cozy to wear! I plan to make many more. Thank you Peony Knits! Great work and thanks for making it a free download!

I knitted mine with exactly 4 skeins of Chimera by Lana Gatto. Knit on 10 1/2, 24" circluars and dpns.


Mandy said...

That's so cute!! I love it!

Felicia said...

Very pretty. And I love the little pin.