Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer KAL - CAL

A few days ago Sharon from She-Knits contacted me about contributing some of my Knitterella product to a Summer KAL - CAL Purse Round-Up that she and Marly (from Yarn Thing) are hosting. I was flattered to be asked and I was intrigued to see what it was all about so I looked into it…

For those that don't know KAL stands for Knit-Along, and CAL stand for Crochet-Along. Knitters and Crocheters join these groups and they are a great place to network with fellow knitters and crocheters and also a great way to inspire each other. This particular one is giving away prizes to the bags/purses that are voted 'best' by the members. There are a lot of great things from a lot of great places - check out the growing list! I decided that I defiantly wanted to donate and I'm going to donate a pack of Sitting Knitting Notecards, Knitting Quotes Notecards, Yarn Ball In Heart Notecards and a set of Knit Gift Tags and Crochet Gift Tags.AND… All this seemed like so much fun that I've joined the KAL - CAL myself! This is my first KAL - CAL ever and I'm pumped about it! I already have an idea for my knitted bag and this is what my 'plan' is - hope it turns out! See I've had this basket of fabric scrap balls from my grandma who passed away back in 1987. The fabric strips are actually recycled clothing from garments that her and grandpa and the 8 kids used to wear. Grandma was probably going to use these strips to make a braided rag rug or something crafty and useful for her home. I guess I assumed that I would one day learn how to do a braided rag rug but now I think this Purse KAL - CAL is the perfect use for them. I hope it turns out and I hope that it's a bag I will use often and will always be reminded of Grandma and the whole family whenever I use it!

Be sure to check out Marly's and Sharon's podcasts. Marly's is here and Sharon's is here. They will be talking about the KAL - CAL and other things knitty and chrochet. Last but not least! The Summer KAL - CAL Purse Round-Up blog is here. Check it out! You should join, it will be fun!

P.S. I'm going to be away from posting for a few days - but will be back soon!

P.P.S. Sharon of She-Knits makes and sells some amazing bags on Etsy. Check them out! Love her felted bags with the flower designs on them, reminds me of something out of Anthropologie.


Sheknits said...

This is tsuch a great story behind he yarn- you must post this on the Summer Kal Cal will inspire people.A am so glad I found you and your graphic designs are just awesome.

Felicia said...

Looks like fun!

Yarn Thing said...

Jill, it is a pleasure to have you in the KAL-CAL with us!

Looking forward to seeing what you are making!