Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ed and I are in the process of cleaning out our laundry room/storage area. It's kind of a long, somewhat big space and we are going to try to turn half of it into a craft studio for me and all my craft stuff. Boy, do I have a lot of craft stuff!

The other night I started to go through my yarn stash and I became pretty embarrased of myself… Seriously, my stash is a bit out-of-hand. Now, let's be real, I can't stop buying yarn completely but I think I can be a little more proactive about it. For example I've decieded that I should try a '3 to 1' approach. Knit 3 things from my stash, and then knit 1 thing with new yarn. What do you think? Does it sound like a good and fesable approach? I'm feeling pretty good about it and already started a 'stash' based project. I've casted on for Coachella from Knitty. I'm using Berroco, Metallic FX from my stash and so far I think it's looking pretty cool. OK, I know it looks like I'm knitting a pair of underware here (HA!), but if you look at the pattern you'll see where I'm at. It's knit from the top down and the constuction is pretty interesting.

I'm still working on my "Knitting Quota" and here's the progress on my Vertical Stripes hat out of Itty-Bitty Hats. Thankfully I have a ton of yarn for baby hats in my stash too!


a friend to knit with said...

3 to 1, great approach!
coachella is VERY cute. Looks like you will be finished in no time! Can't wait to see it.

susan b anderson said...

Wow, your hats look so great! Those little projects are addictive. Thanks for being so supportive.

knitserland said...

I hadn't seen a preview to Susan's new book until your link - how exciting! Her stuff is just too cute and baby stuff really is addictive to make.

Good luck getting the hats done, I would have loved this as a baby gift for my kids!

I have some more to tell about the Knitty pattern later. I just had to laugh when I saw you started it!!!

I totally get the pattern but it does look like some backwards thong thing so far-hehe! Did you try telling Ed it was something for him,ha!


peaknits said...

Don't be embarrassed - embrace the stash!:) I mean, you could fashion a nest out of it all and just snuggle - think of the possibilities!

Cinnamonamon said...

Great hat (then again, all your hats rock!). I can't wait to see how coachella turns out. I kinda want to try it, but I'd need to make those holes smaller -- I'm not diggin' the entire shoulder blades showing like that...