Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

I've made a lot of progress on my craft room. The room is not as glamorous as it sounds, were really just making part of our laundry room into a space where I can organize all my knitting and craft stuff. It's still an unfinished part of our basement but having a place for all my stuff is great. I wanted to post a few pictures of my stash. I used to be so embarrassed of all the yarn I have. Although looking at this I'm still a little bit embarrassed but now, I really think it beautiful!To go downstairs and look at all my yarn displayed rather than in plastic containers is so wonderful. I makes me feel not so bad about all the yarn I have in my stash and I can go down and stare at it all and think up new project to do with yarn I might have forgotten about if it were still in those plastic containers. So I say if anyone is considering a 'yarn diet' because they are embarrassed of their stash, maybe instead you should display your beautiful yarns out for you to see an admire. Worth a shot anyways!

Now, if I could just find another one of these things to put the rest of my yarn in that'd be perfect! ;)I'm thinking of doing this baby cardigan with my Debbie Bliss stash. Isn't it sweet?

Guess what, I was surfing my favorite blogs and I saw that Wind Loop gave me an award for being a Rockin' Girl Blogger. How cool is that?! I was surprised to see my name, very flattered. Thank you Wind Loop - you are one Rockin' Girl Blogger yourself!So it's my turn now and I can't nominate anyone that I know has already gotten it so let's see, gosh, there are sooo many Rockin' Girl Bloggers but if I have to call out 5 I will say:

1. Tina - because I miss you now that you are not in Michigan anymore! And because you are an amazing knitter - you know so much and have shared your knowledge and talent - You Rock!

2. Susan B. Anderson - because your one of my favorite designers - I love your whimsy! Your blog is so inspirational and you always share and take the time to make great tutorials - You Rock!

3. I Hate Laundry - This non-knitter rocks! She's very crafty and she keeps her blog up to date and she's always got something to say that cracks me up! - You Rock!

4. Peaknit - She's probably going to kill me because this is my second 'tag' to her in 2 days but she does know how to rock it! She's got a great blog, great sense of humor and is a beautiful knitter! - You Rock!

4. A Friend To Knit With - She's going to kill me too but I have to tell you all how much she rocks! She does wonderful knitting projects and I love visiting her blog, she's an ultra talented knitter, has great taste and does beautiful photography - You Rock!

*Hey, (to the girls I tagged) don't feel like you have to post about this and tag more people. It's no biggie, just wanted to say that you rock!


Adrienne said...

You sure do rock!!!!

peaknits said...

I'm thrilled to Rock!! Thank you for nominating me! I am so putting the button on my blog:) I just finished the random things - so I am up to be tagged again - yay!! I will let you live:) I love your craft area, lots of goodies in there - I've been thinking of taking some pictures of my own to post - since I recently organized, so it would be a somewhat false representation huh? ah well.:) Thanks again!!

a friend to knit with said...

OH! You are too sweet! Thanks so much! YOU totally ROCK too!!!

Love, love, love that you have that area for your yarn! Mine is all crammed in those plastic containers....I can't even see what I have! I really need to do something about it!

Kaet said...

your craft room is lovely! i think having all your yarn out is a superb you can "go shopping"in your stash and it feels like you are in a yarn store since it is all displayed and wonderful!

StarSpry said...

I, too, think the yarn looks beautiful displayed like that :)

Congratulations on being a Rockin' Girl Blogger!!

gaylen said...

Jill - I love the knitting journal that you sent to Leslie (A Friend to Knit With). I'm wondering if you have any for sale - Puhleeze? I really, really, really need one.

Knitterella said...

Gaylen, I'm so glad you liked the journal. I don't have any instock right now, but I'm looking into making more. I didn't realize how much people would like them!

I will let you know when I do. I'll post about it too.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Susan said...

You rock, Jill! Thank you for your sweet comments.

Galadriel Thompson said...

Are you looking at me! Thanks so much Jill! You are so very kind. Do I have to nominate five people too? I don't know anything about this stuff.
hugs and bugs!

Galadriel Thompson said...

Oh, I didn't finish reading the rest of the post. I got all excited and stuff you see. One more question though. Do I get to put that jazzy little pink number on?