Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Tricks!

Happy Halloween!I wanted to send some Halloween wishes your way and I also have a Halloween trick to share. I think about this one every Halloween - it always cracks me up!

Back in college one of my best guy friends came up with a simple yet hilarious Halloween prank. I was hosting a party and he came over with a dozen beautiful carmel apples to pass. I tried one and they were so good - I couldn't believe he made them himself! They looked perfect too. Later, another friend took a bit of one and immediately spit it out. YUCK! It was an ONION!

I thought mixing in a couple carmel onions to the apples was brilliant. Good clean fun you know what I mean? I mean really, the onions looked just like the apples. (so glad I didn't bit into an onion - I hate raw onion!)

So if you want a fun Halloween dish to pass you should give this trick a try!

Do you have any fun Halloween tricks to share? I'd love to hear about them!

If you are wondering the pillow in the picture is one that my mom made for me a couple years ago. I just love this pillow. She made it up as she went along and I love the way it turned out.

Hope to have some project progress to show you soon!


Thank you all for leaving me such nice comments about my last post. I really appreciate it! And thank you for leaving a comment any time - I love hearing from you!


Dana said...

That is a really funny trick! I think I will definitely try it!!!

peaknit said...

What a great prank. My mom gets me every year - I mean EVERY year - for April Fool's day. I'm not as clever - must have skipped a generation:)

Jodi said...

That is QUITE the trick! Maybe I'll try that one out next year.

knittin gin said...

That is pretty funny, especially if you're not the one who gets the onion!

Anya said...

Yack, caramel and onions. That's funny. And congrats on the recognition below - what an honor. And you know, if my opinion counts for anything your gift tags kick major booty - I know it because I bought it :) I love them and will get more in the future I'm sure (if I ever make these gifts).

a friend to knit with said...

huh...i actually might just like that...i love onions and carmel! :)
may taste a little vadaliaish!!!

Tanya Whelan said...

Happy Halloween to you and I love your mom's pillow!

Adrienne said...

LOL That is funny! Happy Halloween!

StarSpry said...

Happy Halloween! What a great trick :)

I love your mom's pillow!!

LStone said...

Too funny! I am making preemie hats. Take a look.