Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weird Font?

Hi All,

Is anyone having a problem where some of there favorite blogs are showing up in this weird script font? I am, and am wondering if it's just my computer? Even when I 'preview' my post it's in that script font - but when I 'publish' it's fine?

Just wondering if I'm the only one having this issue? Do you know how to fix it? I'm hoping that one of these times I'll turn my computer on and it will just miraculously be fixed!

Have a great one!


Denise said...

Nope, I haven't noticed any funny font? What I can't seem to do is add a pic to my sidebar without it stretching? And I have no idea why it's doing that either?
Hope it works it's self out for you or someone can help.

Knitterella said...

Hey Denise,

Thanks for the response - must be on my end.

Your pics are stretching? The only think I can think is do they have to be a certain size and they are not so when it gets placed it's stretched to fix the area? I haven't had this problem so I'm not sure how to fix it but that is my two cents.


Adrienne said...

Hmm, no I haven't seen anything like that. HOpe you can get it figured out.

StarSpry said...

Sorry, I haven't had this problem either.

I hope the issue sorts itself out! Sounds annoying!

Sara said...

Hey Jill. Haven't noticed it with my blog. Can you post a screen shot? The only font issues I've ever had with my Mac had to do with Helvetica fractions and it created total jibberish on the sites. Had to go find the font and delete it from my system(see this article). Doesn't sound like that is what is happening for you though.


a friend to knit with said...

sorry jill, no problems over here.

Knitterella said...

Oh my gosh I fixed it! I thought, maybe I had some font turned on or something that is making this weird font show up so I went into my Font Explorer X and cleaned things up; cleaned system fonts, cleaned caches, etc. and restarted and I'm good. It's all fixed!

So proud of me! :)