Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Help - I'm Bleeding

Grrrrr! I'm almost done with a bag that I'm making for a friend (for Christmas), all I have left to do is put in the straps, then this happened…

I used a wet washcloth to wipe up some chalk marks on the denim fabric and then I saw that there was blue all it! Then, I looked at my hands, even they had a blue tint from working with the fabric. What do I do???

I washed and dried the fabric before hand and figured I was good to go. I've never encountered this problem before. Any tips or tricks on how to fix this? If I can't fix it (sure hope I can!) how can I prevent it from happening again?

Is there some kind of solution I can buy to wash the fabric in to set the dye???

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Darn it! The bag is really cute too (if I do say so myself!).


Sarah Jackson said...

Use vinegar, just like you would with yarn. You may have to do a couple of rinses. I'd throw a color catcher in there too, for good measure. Soak up as much as you can. Good luck! It sure looks cute.

a friend to knit with said...

when i knit with rowan denim it was all over my fingers. fades as it real denim.
but that? even real denim doesn't come off when wet!
i love sarah's idea. i guess you will have to take off those fabulous flowers before.

Knitserland said...

Retayne color fixative. Should be able to find at Joann's Fabrics. Really cheap and works great.

If you try vinegar, make sure you rinse completely as any leftovers will eat away at fibers over time.

peaknits said...

I think there is a rit dye pack that you can put in laundry and it "sucks" the dye into it, which could prevent it from getting on any other parts. I have never tried it though. Good luck!

Nora said...

I'd use a professional dye pack - like the one peaknits mentions above. Good luck!