Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Miss Dashwood

How could you not love this pattern? I mean the bobble row was a bit of a pain for me and I actually almost quit twice but I'm so glad I stuck with it!

Thanks again Delia for suggesting it!


Pattern Source: "Miss Dashwood"
from Knitty
Yarn: Reynolds, Saucy
Needles: 5s
Size: Newborn
Notes: The p4tbl stitch for the bobbles was a pain (but totally worth it) I think next time I'll use metal needles so I don't have to worry about snapping my bamboo needles.


Elise said...

So cute!!! I wish I knew someone having a baby girl!

Wine and Needles said...

Look fabulous!!!

Philigry said...

so darn cute!

The "C" Chronicles said...

Cute! Does this come in adult!?..lol

knittin gin said...

That is darling!