Tuesday, March 24, 2009

End In Sight

I can't believe it, I only have to pick up the border on 2 sides of my Alphabet Blanket and I'll be done. That said, picking up stitches can be a pain for me sometimes. I always pick up way less then what the pattern calls for - let's hope I don't have to rip back too many times. If you have any tips on picking up stitches, I'd love to hear them.

This blanket has been taking up sooo much of my knitting time - can't wait to do the finishing block and be done!


Philigry said...

i can not wait to see this one. it looks so beautiful. I wanted to let you know I would love to make you a baby quilt if you wanted to send me some fabrics and and an idea of what you want. I have been where you are and I know the feeling of wanting to do so much, but only having a little while to do it. Plus, you are tired etc.
Anyway, i just wanted to offer, from one mama to another! I would love to do this for you.

Jackie said...

The same thing always happens to me too, I pick up too few stitches. I'll be checking back to the comments to see if there are any good suggestions!

The blanket looks fabulous!

Renee said...

The blanket looks wonderful!! :)

PickingUpStitches said...

Tip for picking up stitches:

You're picking up stitches along the sides of a blanket that has a square-motif.
Divide the number of stitches you're supposed to pick up in to equal sections (easy because of the squares).
So, for example:
pattern says to pick up 144 sts
there are 8 squares along the edge you need to pick up
144/8 = 18
Therefore, you should pick up 18 stitches for each square - make sure to space the 18 stitches evenly within their square.

This way you are working in smaller sections at a time.

For something that doesn't have clear division lines (like your squares), you could place stitch holders (or safety pins) at regular intervals and make sure to pick up an equal number of stitches between each stitch holder.

Can't wait to see the finished product!

Funnily enough my (private) blog is titled PickingUpStitches. Haha.

momoftwinz said...

I'm so glad you're knitting this now...you will be glad when you have it all done! The knitting time may be just a "little" harder to come by once baby "Z" arrives!

Kate said...

No good advice on picking up stitches here - I'm afraid I'm actually pretty lax about it. I don't usually count, either. (bad knitter) But, last time I did it using my "method" everything turned out fine (just a basic garter stitch border)

Annie said...

I think you can trust PickingUpStitches with the advice of picking up stitches :)
Can't wait to see it.

hook & needle said...

Holy moly, I've been so behind in checking blogs that... are you pregnant? Is that you, pregnant???

skeinsherway said...

Wow, that is going to be a fabulous finished object!
happy knitting-

KeanaLee said...

That is one lucky baby!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Oh your blanket looks great, can't wait to see the finished product!