Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two NEW Tags

I'm excited to release my two new Knitterella gift tag designs! They are live on Knitterella.com and ready for you to enjoy. Six tags in a pack for only $3.95 - now that's a great price. I hope you like them!

I've gotten a lot of requests for a generic black and white tag so I thought turning my 'Just For You' look into one would be perfect. I think the silver ink adds a bit of charm too! See more info on this new tag HERE.

The second new tag is my "Baby It's Cold Outside" design. Perfect for all those wintery knits we make and give - with the design done in light blue to reflect those cold days, this gender neutral design can be giving to girls, guys and babies alike. I just love this one!

New to the backs of these tags (and any reprints and new designs from here on out) is an added place for 'size'. I've had numerous requests for this addition and I think it's a smart one.

Please visit Knitterella.com for more info and to order a set (or more) for your own. I hope you find that these new tags are not only cute but very useful!


Trisha said...

I love these because I quilt as well as knit (I give more quilted items away as gifts and hog the hand-knits for myself...) These will work for ANYTHING handmade! YAYYYY!

Alison said...

loving the new tags, Jill. You always hit it outta the park!

Alison said...

Love the new tags, Jill! You always hit it out of the park!

saraq said...

love your tags, Jill!... and your beautiful blog :)
I'm italian knitter that love discover new friends every day.
I'm sorry , but i don't speak ( and write) english very well.
xxx Sara