Thursday, June 16, 2011

TNNA 2011 Photos Recap

With all the excitement that goes on during TNNA I always forget to take photos. I so wish I had more but I'm thankful I have these 4.

That's me and Jennifer Hansen from Stitch Diva Studios. I've only been emailing and working with her since 2003 so it was so so awesome to finally meet her in person! She was the first online company to carry my Knitterella product line and she is also the women behind the great Fiber Buzz Ads that I'm thankful to design for. She was so nice, pretty and easy to talk to. Meeting her was probably the highlight of my trip! The amazing red wrap she's wearing is one of her newest patterns - soon to be released - it was gorgeous!

This is the lovely designer Kate Oates of ToT Toppers with sweet baby FPK sporting Kate's Millie Monkey hat pattern. Being that I just finished the design work on her Math For Hats booklet it was a treat to meet her in person. Could have hung out with her all day!

This is a photo taken my last night at a lovely dinner had at Knead with Joanna Johnson and Melynda Bernardi. Joanna is a writter, knitwear designer and blogger. She's the woman behind the adorable children's books Phoebe's Sweater and Freddie's Blanket. It was such a pleasure meeting her. She was so easy to be around. I admire the work she does and am so glad we meet. Melynda (my partner in knitting crime) is not a stranger to my blog, as you know she's the talented designer behind French Press Knits. Although we didn't drive down together this time I'm glad we were able to hit the show together. Both being rep'd at the Deep South Fiber's booth this year made it extra special.

Here's Melynda, myself and her sweet baby Elise. Elise looked ever so adorable in her handknits - she was a hit on the showroom floor!

I got to meet so many talented designers and bloggers… TenTenKnits, P.Y. Knits, Woolly Wormhead, Angela Tong, Alison Stewart-Guinee, Ysolda and Susan B. Anderson to name just a few. I also got to visit with Allegra Wermuth and Brandy Fortune of Petite Purls. Their new issue of Petite Purls went live during the show. It was an exciting time to say the least.

I'm already looking forward to the next show so I can see my friends again. It's just such an amazing and inspiring atmosphere. I'm so glad I've found a place for myself in this great, knitting community!


Oiyi said...

It was wonderful to meet you, too! You are exactly like I thought you would be, super friendly and very pretty.

Sarah said...

You girls are just so adorable!
Looks like a great time - would love to go next year.