Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Gift

I got out my sewing machine over the weekend and it felt good! I needed a quick little addition to a birthday gift so I made this simple and cute Tissue Holder. Love it when I can use my Chocolate Lollipop stash too - still one of my favorite lines from Anna Maria.

Of course, I made an additional one for me. I even cut out more squares to make a few more more. Wouldn't these make cute back-to-school gifts for someones book bag? I think so. FYI, if you are going to make one of these, I suggest making the template a half an inch to one full inch bigger - I had made mine a full inch bigger to fit my tissues.


honeysuckleblue said...

I agree, that's adorable. My girls would flip for this. Too bad I can't sew! I'll have to add that to my 'maybe someday' category :)

margaux said...

CUTE!! SO easy, if I owned a sewing machine or knew how to sew I'd probably make a billion of these