Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Could Use Your Vote

***Warning: Totally, Non-Knitting Related Post***

One of my goals for quite some time now, was to enter a design challenge. I'm proud to say I FINALLY meet that goal and submitted 6 designs to their recent Mini-Minties Personalized Children's Stationery challenge. Submitting the designs is just one part of this goal, the next part is to get enough votes so I can have my designs as part of the stationery line. With only about 20 designs being picked out of 682 I could totally use your help! And this is how…

Click on THIS LINK. If you like any of the designs I created please vote for them. You vote by giving them a 1-5 rating ('5' being the top rating). That's it! Next I just wait and see if any of my designs had enough votes to become part of the line.

Thank you SO MUCH for considering this. If you haven't heard of before be sure to check them out. They are a great, modern and fresh, stationery company.

CLICK HERE to vote for "My Pink Backpack"

CLICK HERE to vote for "My Crayons"

CLICK HERE to vote for "My Blue Backpack"

CLICK HERE to vote for "Lady Notes"

CLICK HERE to vote for "Fish Tank"

CLICK HERE to vote for "Charmed"

Thank you SO much for your time and consideration.


Rose said...

So pretty! Good luck, and by the way, I'm giving away two sets of your humor gift tags on my blog this week!

Nora said...

Love them all but my favorite is Charmed! This would make such a cute gift for my niece. Good luck I hope your designs make it! I'm off to vote for you!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fish and lady notes!