Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Hat and A Book

This is my new favorite baby gift to give. A sweet and useful knitted hat packaged with a fun, children's knitting themed book. With so many cute and free knitting hat patterns (like THIS, THIS and THIS) and so many cute knitting themed children's books (like THIS, THIS and THIS) there are lots of options to make a fun gift. Of course you can't forget the perfect gift tag to top it off too  :)

These gifts were giving out last weekend when I got the chance to meet up with some dear knitty friends. I was so excited to finally meet two sweet little boys that I've been dying to hold. Although I wished I had time to knit both boys a new sweater set, the reality is a knitted hat and a nice book was way more my speed these days. Plus, I really loved this gift idea don't you?

P.S. I've got pics from my weekend luncheon and will post them soon.


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Anonymous said...

I love the presentation! gorgeous!