Monday, July 2, 2007

"Butterfly" Part 2

OK, I've been avoiding posting about this because Saturday morning I was royally ticked off about this top! Royally ticked because I didn't know that bias tape should be pre-washed before using because the color can bleed. I should have known that but I didn't and after I washed my Butterfly top I saw that the tape had indeed bled onto the yarn in back part where I had my gathering done. OH MAN WAS I P-O'd!

Now that a couple of days have passed I'm doing better but still discouraged. Ed says you can barely see it and it almost looks like a design accent (I think he's just trying to make me feel better).

In the photos it is hard to tell but believe me it's there! Can you see it? It is more obvious in person.Another thing about this top is since the neck is so big and open it keeps falling off my shoulders and that starts to get REALLY annoying. I feel like it looks sloppy.So, I don't know what to do. I wonder if I should try dying it black or something. I could try it on my swatch and see. As for right now I feel like I need to work on something else, get it done and have it turn out successfully in order to make be feel better. I mean, this top didn't turn out horribly but it sure didn't turn out the way I wanted or expected it to after spending countless hours and time and money on it, ya know what I mean?!

P.S. On a possitive note, I do love the way the bamboo feels, it drapes great and even got softer after the first wash. You can see my yarn notes and part one of this top here .


knitserland said...

Oh Jill, I can't see the bleeding much in the photo but I know it's the only thing you see when you look at. So the bias tape was used for the gathering? How was is gathered, was is just in how you stitched in on or was there some magical trick?

The open neck looks nice but it would bug me too, falling off all the time. What about stitching fabric or a knitted piece in the front and back? Sort of where your white top lies. I've done this with some of the girls tops before .I need to buy a bigger size for them because they are so tall but they are also super slender so things tend to be big around the shoulders.

You could easily pull it in a bit around the front by running a sort of basting stitch (with yarn) under the raised row. THat would make it a bit more form fitting.

Just some ideas. I think it looks wonderful! but I understand being disappointed with how things turn out. I'm still not over felting Mira's sweater last month and I have a top that I knit for myself on size 3 needles that was apparently designed for someone with a very sizable bust,and that's not me.

Somewhere I have a tank started with the same yarn you used - I love the look and feel of it! I haven't found it yet unfortunately. One room in our basement is still a mess of boxes.

How is your fabric purse? Is it done yet?


Nora said...

At least yours sits on the shoulders - mine just slips right off - all the way down to my waist!

a friend to knit with said...

ok, never knew that bias tape should be prewashed either! thanks!
so sorry you are unhappy with this!
i actually think that your husband is right........i would totally think that was part of the design!
the only part that would bug me would be the flash dance shoulders (no one wants that!) what if you picked up around the neck line and either knit or crocheted an edge?
great choice in yarn!

Jodie said...

I saw you in person, and while I noticed it, when you pointed it out, I don't think I would have noticed it otherwise. Plus, it looks really good on you. I understand the slipping being annoying though.

hannah said...

what if you were to take some more of the same bias tape and run it around the inside of the neckline, gathering a bit on the sides? the tape would stabilize and draw in the neckline to solve the shoulder-falling-off problem, and once you washed it again you'd have more bleeding, which would make it look more intentional.