Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Quick Knitting Break!

After my last let-down I needed a quick break from knitting, so I got out my sewing machine, some brown cotton gauze from my small fabric stash and I thought I would try a simple, elastic waist skirt. I'm a big fan of skirts, I've always loved them. The summer time is especially great for skirts, not only because they're cool and comfortable but because I hate wearing shorts with a passion! :)

I'm a very beginner sewer. I took a 'learn to sew' class last winter when I first got my machine and had a lot of fun. My first project was pajama pants. I picked a pattern by Amy Butler called Wide Leg Lounge Pants, from her book In Stitches (isn't she a fantastic designer?!).

Anyways, this skirt is based off the "Two-hour Peasant Skirt" in Sewstylish , Spring 2007 magazine. The skirt in the magazine is full length and with 4 tiers, mine is knee length and only 2 tiers and it took me 3 hrs. I still think that's pretty quick!I decided to leave the raw edge on the bottom hem. I liked how that turned out.

I'm still knitting though! Look, I'm almost done with my Summertime Tunic!P.S. The tunic is out of Interweave Knits, Summer 2007 - it's a free pattern!


peaknits said...

I love the skirt! I have a skirt pattern on my wish list to try, I'll post it if it ever gets done (er, or started for that matter)! I am making an apron and oven mitt thing out of In Stitches for a shower this weekend - the receipient reads my blog so I can't post til Saturday:) Thanks for asking though! I love your new knit project too - to go with your new skirt! Do you like sewing or knitting better??:)

Knitterella said...

I enjoying sewing but knitting is my true love! :)

I look forward to seeing the apron and oven mitt! I would like to try both of those out of that book.

a friend to knit with said...

I hear you Jill! Knitting is my true passion, but I do love to sew....nice for a change....
Your skirt looks great....so cute!
It really is rewarding, huh? And 3 hours....we can't knit anything in 3 hours!
Love the color for your summertime tunic........can't wait to see it finished!

Galadriel Thompson said...

Oh I love it. I wish I were as handy with the machine. I've got tons to learn. Again, I can't knit to save mine or anyone's life!

Mandy said...

That skirt is beautiful! Love it, and I like the raw edge too!!
It looks like your tunic is going to be looking great!!!

knitserland said...

Jill, the skirt is so cute! That material looks perfect for summer. I agree with the shorts and I was so happy to learn that adults in shorts are a big 'faux paux' over here (unless you are exercising.)

I finished a skirt for Mira yesterday - twice. The first didn't fit. I messed up and measured only her waist and not her hips. She is so skinny that her waist measures almost 2" less than her hips so it was too tight. I ripped off the top layer (it's ruffled in layers like yours) and added a new layer to the bottom. Should fit, I'll try it on her today and take a pic for my blog.

The knit top is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it done. Looks like it might go with your skirt.


wildtomato said...

I love that skirt! I really should take a sewing class, but that would mean that I'd be both a very beginner knitter and a very beginner sewer.

Nice website! I'm having fun reading your posts and looking at all the inspiring pictures.