Friday, July 6, 2007

Summertime Tunic

Yey! My Summertime Tunic is fineto!I'm one happy knitter!Pattern: Summertime Tunic
Designer: Katie Himmelberg
Source: Interweave Knits, Summer 2007. It's also a free pattern that you can download here.
Yarn: Reynolds, Gypsy. 100% cotton. 7 skeins.
Notes: The yarn was a bit 'stiff' to work with but once I finished and washed the piece it softened up. Kind of has a nice, denim-like finish.


Mandy said...

Oh that looks fantastic!! It really flatters you too!! That was one quick knit.

Yarn Thing said...

That is marvelous! You look great in it! BTW: I love the Knitterella banner at the top of the page...with you laying on the ground surrounded in yarn. Really cute :-)


peaknits said...

Oh this is gorgeous - great job! And so figure flattering! Now, to make another skirt to match!:)

knitserland said...

Love it! Fantastic job.

StarSpry said...

That looks great! I love the color.

Adrienne said...

Its beautiful!

a friend to knit with said...

Jill, this looks GREAT on you!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color, and the ribbon is perfect!
Hope you will wear it A LOT! :)

Sheknits said...

Great Top Jill. YOur Etsy mini looks great on here too! Also othat banner on your blog is the best.

Jodi said...

What a great project! I love the contrast ribbon, too.

Some people have complained about how deep the slit in front is. Yours looks great! Did you modify it?

Knitterella said...

Thanks everyone! I'm truely happy with this knit! :)

Jodi, I didn't modify the pattern, just pulled the straps pretty tight and then tied my bow that seemed to close my 'slit' up pretty good.

And actually, I made my 'ribbon' out of some fabric. I made sort of a bias tape of out some fabric from my stash. I liked the way it worked.


carlasindiedesigns said...

Wow, I love this Top!!