Monday, July 9, 2007

Simple Construction

Thank you for the very nice comments on my Summertime Tunic! It was so nice to get the positive feedback - I really appreciate it.

After knitting that piece, I couldn't help but contemplate its easy construction. The simple casing at the top for the straps really got me going. I wanted to think of a top that I could sew or knit or something using that same concept. That same day I came across this site. Look! Same concept. That same night I started on a top and 2 hours later I had this…It looks pretty cute on the hanger but doesn't quite look right on. (By-the-way, this is the same fabric I used for my Summertime Tunic straps.)

That next day, I was at Joann's and found this pattern when I wasn't even looking…Again, same concept - I think somebody is telling me something - I just might have to try this! I tell ya, when I got my sewing machine out for my last project I scratched an itch that keeps itchin'!


I also wanted to show you the buys I made at an Estate sale over the weekend. All this (not the chair) cost a whopping $4!I couldn't resist the vintage patterns for 15 cents a piece, or this book for 50 cents. I bought the hankies and pillow cases thinking that I might use the fabric for a future project. That little glass bubble thingy is one of those things that you put in a vase and then stick the flowers in for an arrangement, you know what I'm talking about? I never used one before but I will because I have one now!

P.S. Look at this link my friend Trisha sent me. Crazy!


Felicia said...

Some darts might make that cute top fit better on you :) Love your new bargains!

a friend to knit with said...

Love the construction of that top too......I think it looks great.

Love to go to estate sales.......good finds!

knitserland said...

Cute stuff and I love the top. The darts recomended above are exactly what you need.

The flower thing - it's called a frog. Just more useless info I have floating around in my head!