Monday, February 4, 2008

Meditative Knitting

Even though I have a lot of babies that I still need to knit for I need to break from the baby knits and start some stuff for ME! Right now I have the Phiaro Scarf of my needles. I'm knitting this in Amaizing and I like the way it's working. It's from my stash too - YEY! An easy, nice meditative knit. Straight stocking knit - just what I need!

Tip: If you are going to do this I suggest making sure you join your new yarn at the beginning of a round. That way, when it's time to drop your stitches for this scarf you won't have to worry about running into a new yarn join.


The quilt under the bowl is something I made for my husband when we were dating. I knew it would eventually be mine again ;)


Thank you for the comments on my Koolhaas! I was so intrigued with Sarah Jackson comment on knitting cables without a cable needle, I searched youtube and found this link. SWEET! I'm not so afraid of cables now, thank you Sarah Jackson!


Sarah Jackson said...

any time my dear! I love cables and they became so much better when I learned to knit them without the extra needle. That scarf looks lovely.

peaknits said...

Isn't that technique just amazing? I don't run from cables quite so fast any longer either - thanks to that! Your scarf will be so pretty - it is relaxing just to look at the photo!

a friend to knit with said...

i love that scarf...........and of course seeing your gift tags everytime i flip through the mag.
yep.....i was into the no cable needle for a while.....(still love my little needle_ is especially great when you are traveling!

Denise said...

I had wondered about the cable knitting too without a cable needle. I watched the link but it seems you can only do this method if you are cabling 3 stitches or less? the cable I'm doing right now is 2x2 so I'm not sure i can make it work? Plus I think I'd be nervous about dropping that stitch!
I like the scarf you're working on, look forward to seeing it finished.