Monday, February 16, 2009

Forever Blanket

Oh my gosh this blanket is going to take FOREVER! The chart work is crazy. This is the most intricate thing I've ever tackled.

Sure is beautiful though. Let's hope it's done in time for BZ!


Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes! I did have a great day. I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day as well!


KeanaLee said...

that is going to be so beautiful!

Renee said...

It's going to be stunningly beautiful though. :)
Happy belated Birthday!

Trisha said...

I have been wondering if you started this yet and how it was going. It will be incredible! Good luck with it!

tina said...

Knit woman.......... KNIT!!!!!

Philigry said...

oh, it is going to be great!

Oiyi said...

This blanket is going to be fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing your progress.