Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camilla for Me

I enjoyed knitting my first Camilla Babe so much that I quickly made another. This one is for me. You know, for my 'just-in-case-it's-a-girl' stash.


Pattern Source: Camilla Babe from Quince & Co.
Size: 3 Months
Yarn: Berroco, Vintage colorway Fondant
Ravelry Link: HERE


Allegra said...

Love the belly!! xo
Seeing both of your Camilla babes is really making me want to make S a dogwood one.....after I finish the one for me I have going!

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

Very sweet sweater you have there. I have no idea how you are doing it - not knowing until the baby is born! I am way to OCD and anal retentive to have not found out the gender of my girls before they were born. I had so much planning and knitting and sewing to do that if I had to of made two of everything, I would have died!

Sarah said...

adorable!!! Both you and the baby sweater.

JelliDonut said...

That is one very adorable sweater. I think it's cool you don't know which is in the baby bump!

Frances said...

I was not ever fortunate to become a mom, but still think that I would have wanted to have that last miracle of birth left to the day of delivery.

I realize that nowadays many moms and pops to be want to know whether their baby will be boy or girl. That just seems a bit too un-mystical for me. Isn't every birth a miracle?

Best wishes to you. That little sweater is a beauty.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture! I'm betting that you're getting really excited and anxious to meet the wee one. Being a mom is the best thing ever! Cute cute sweater.

Annie said...

That is just so sweet, and what a goorgeous pink!

StarSpry said...

What an adorable sweater!! The picture is so cute, too :)

Alisa said...

Such a cute sweater! And so is your belly and that matching bracelet,nice touch!